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The Translation ServiceBase of School of Interpreting and Translation(SITS) is an excellenttranslation team composing of postgraduates of Guangdong University of ForeignStudies (GDUFS), majoring in translation and interpreting, and is dedicated toEnglish-Chinese and Chinese-English translation. Upholding the motto of"applying knowledge to practice and pursuing excellence intranslation", it is a service base of qualified student translators.

The Base relies on a professionaloperation procedure, i.e., pre-editing – translation – self-revision – peerrevision – first review – second review – post-editing – finalization, as wellas strict quality assurance to provide high quality products with high efficiency.

The Base members haveabundant translation experience, solid bilingual foundation and strongprofessional background:

1) more than 33% of our translatorshave obtained CATTI Interpretation and Translation accreditation, and over 95% have obtained ShanghaiAdvanced Interpretation and Translation certificates, TEM 8 certificates orother credentials;

2) we master professional backgroundknowledge in fields of machinery, chemical engineering, computer, medicine, lawand so on;

3) we are proficient inCAT softwares such as Trados and are equipped with CAT laboratories;

4) we also have outstandingreviewers and editors who are responsible for translation quality, which gives theclients more confidence to choose us.

TranslationService Base of SITS, GDUFS is still growing.Weadhere to the university motto of "Moral integrity, exemplary behavior, and conversancewith both Eastern and Western learning ", maintainpragmatic, progressive, professional, and trustworthywork style,and strivestoprovide betterservice for our clients.  


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Southern Medical  University,


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CSOFT International. Ltd.

Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

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The Translators  Associationof  Guangdong Province

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Foreign Affairs of  the PRC

Guangdong Higher People’s Court

Department of HumanResources and SocialSecurity of  Guangdong Province,

Shenzhen Science and  TechnologyDevelopment Exchange Center

Localforeign  affairs office

Foreign Affairs  Office of People’s Government of Guangdong Province

DongguanForeign Affairs Office

Zhongshan Foreign Affairs  Office

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Guangxi Normal  UniversityPress


the TenthChinaModel United NationsGeneral Assembly

China Marine Economy  Expo

Imperial Springs  Summit


Indian  Consulate-General in Guangzhou


ZhongDeMetal  Group

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