School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS) of GDUFS
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School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS),Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)

Incorporating theteaching and research strengths acquired from GDUFS’ nearly 40 years’ ofexperience, SITS was established in 2005 as one the first schools oftranslation and interpreting studies in China. Forerun by the Department ofTranslation, GDUFS, which had been initiated in 1997 as the first of its kindin the mainland of China, SITS became the first mainland institution to offer acomplete span of degrees: bachelor’s (including thedouble bachelor’s degree), master’s (including the degrees of Masterof Arts and Master of Translation and Interpreting) and doctoral. At present,the School is a member of CIUTI (Conférence Internationale permanented'Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes) and one of threeChinese institutions listed in the UN University Outreach Programme to offerlanguage support. It has been taking the lead in setting up national standardsfor translation and interpreting degrees. As the initiating institution ofthe Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI)program, SITS hosts the Secretariat of the China National Committee for MTIEducation under the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council,and the Secretariat of the China National Committee for BTI Education under theMinistry of Education. The School also hosts the National Center forTranslation and Interpreting Studies, and its discipline “translation studies”is part of the Project Supported by the Guangdong Province Universities andColleges Pearl River Scholar Funded Scheme.


True to theUniversity’s motto “Moral integrity, exemplary behavior, and conversance withboth Eastern and Western learning”, SITS commits itself to cultivatingtop-level translation and interpretation talents catering to the needs ofChina’s economic and social development. These include, on the one hand,high-caliber practitioners with sound bilingual proficiency, communicationskills as well as knowledge and skills relating to translation andinterpretation and on the other hand, methodologically and theoreticallytrained translation researchers.


SITS offers fourcategories of programs, as enumerated below:

1) PhDProgram in Translation Studies;

2) MAProgram in such specialty areas as Interpreting Studies, Translation Studies,Translation Education, and Literary Translation Studies;

3) Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) Programin such specialty areas as  Conference Interpreting, Interpreting Studies,Commercial Translation, Legal Translation, Media Translation, and Translationand Localization Management; and

4) Bachelor ofTranslation and Interpreting (BTI)


Currently theSchool consists of or has as its affiliates the Center for Translation Studies,the Department of Interpreting, the Department of Translation, the MTIEducation Center, the Training Center for Advanced Interpreters andTranslators, the China Resources Center for Translation Studies, and the Studiofor Translation of Chinese Culture. SITS boasts a highly qualified faculty withrich experience in translation and interpretation practice as well as intheoretical studies, of which 59% are full and associate professors (including4 PhD supervisors), and 64% are PhD holders.  


Address: No. 2Baiyun Dadao Bei, School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, GuangdongUniversity of Foreign Studies


Tel:020-3620-7181(Office), 020-8631-9732 (Training Center for Advanced Interpretersand Translators)

Fax 020-3620-7181



The Leadership of Departments, Offices and Centers



Director of  Center for Translation Studies

Director of  Center for Translation and Interpreting Studies Resources

Mo Aiping

Vice Dean of SITS

Director of MTI Education Center

Lan Hongjun

Director of  Department of Translation

Ouyang Lifeng

Acting Director  of Department of Interpreting

Wang Weiwei 

Director of  Center for Professional Interpreters and Translators Training

Tian Lu

Director of School Office

Miao Lei


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